Travel Agents are still around?

The "DIY" travel industry has tricked consumers into paying the same rates, for far less service. Travel Agents are still around, and still a much better value than booking on your own at any website!
Why pay the same for less service?

Doesn't everyone just book on their own now a days?

Well, if you are like many people, you've experienced spending hours online bouncing from site to site, trying to make sense of the hundreds of resorts available in a country you've never been to, and trying to figure out the pricing structures of each website you are on.

Then, you've got it!! You've found the best deal, and you go to check out and then realize the price quoted was a per-person price that didn't include taxes or transfers!!

Now all of a sudden you have to begin your research all over again, and you've wasted a ton of time.

Well, for those of us who value our time over anything else, using a local travel agent is completely FREE solution to wasting time. In addition to offering a full price match guarantee on most resort offered throughout the Caribbean, there is zero cost to you as the guest to use the services of a travel agent.

You save time in research, get access to the best deals only agents can provide, and are guaranteed to be getting the lowest price on your vacation.

  • 3-10 hours

    45% of DIY Travelers spend 3-10 hours researching a trip before they book

  • 10+ Hours

    26% of DIY Travelers spend over 10 hours researching a trip before they book

  • Save Time & Money

    100% of Be Vacations clients save time in research while receiving the lowest price on their vacation.

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James Berglie
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Laurie Berglie
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Dena Fowler
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